General Questions:

  1. What is the minimum age for joining LNUSC? Your child must turn 4 by December 31, 2018 to be eligible for the youngest age bracket (U6).
  2. How do I know what age group my child is? For the Fall, the age your child becomes on their birthday in 2018 must be less than the closest "U" age group for which he or she should register. Example: Birth year 2011 turns 7 in 2018. This is U8.
  3. Do you have coaches clinics for parents? Yes, all parents interested in coaching will have the opportunity to participate in free coaching sessions. Sign-ups announced on website
  4. How do I sign up for snack stand? Snack Stand link
  5. Do you have a Lost and Found? Contact equipment@langhornesoccer.org
  6. How do I request a hardship scholarship? Email a letter to president@langhornesoccer.org describing the reason for a hardship scholarship. All inquiries are confidential. 

Intramural Related Questions:

  1. When does the Intramural fall season start? Fall practices begin mid August and games will begin the weekend after Labor Day
  2. Do Intramural players get uniforms? Yes, soccer jersey, soccer shorts and socks. You need to get cleats, shin guards.
  3. What time are Intramural practices? Fall practice schedules are twice a week in the evenings. U6 have two trainer practices per week with professional trainers. U8 and older have practices one night with professional trainers and the other night with their coach. Practices typically last 45 minutes to 1 hour.
  4. What time are Intramural games? Games are each Saturday beginning at 9:00 AM and usually finished by 2:00 PM. The younger the age group, the earlier the games -- U6 starts at 9:00 AM. Rain make up days, when field schedules allow, are on Sundays. Some games are played on Thursday and Friday evenings for older age groups.
  5. What fields do Intramural teams play on? Intramural games can be scheduled at Middletown Community Park, Maple Point Middle School or Core Creek Park.
  6. Can my child play up? Can my child play down?  No. Soccer Play Year is determined by our regional governing association (EPYSA). Teams are created based on these guidelines. Only the board of directors may make an exception for playing at a different age based on skill, physical or mental barriers.

Travel Related Questions:

  1. When are travel tryouts? Tryouts for Travel teams are generally held in April and May. Please check the team websites for more information regarding a specific team or age group.
  2. When will I know if my child made a travel team? You will be notified by the coach should your child be selected. All coaches are asked to make their selections by May 15th, but occasionally more time is needed for a variety of reasons.
  3. When do travel players get uniforms? Are there bags and warm-ups? Once rosters are finalized, all players will be sized for uniforms. The uniform cost is separate from registration. Warm-ups can be purchased separately through the website.
  4. My child was selected for a travel team, what do I do now? After your coach sends the team’s roster to the Travel Director, you will receive an email from your coach with registration information which must be completed by May 20th and submitted with registration payment.
  5. How much does travel soccer cost per player? The cost of travel soccer for one full year varies based on team activities - the average cost per player is approximately $300 to $700.