Hardship Scholarships



Langhorne Neshaminy United Soccer Club

 Hardship Relief Fund (Scholarship) Policy


The Langhorne Neshaminy United Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that children seeking to play soccer will not be prevented from doing so by a financial hardship. Our club does not want to turn away any player because his/her family lacks the financial means to play.

Youth soccer players unable to participate in the Langhorne Neshaminy United Soccer Club Youth Soccer program(s) due to financial reasons may qualify for a registration scholarship only as a means of financial assistance. Within certain limits of our club, we are able to provide financial assistance for registration only to those who qualify based on the criteria listed below and completion of the necessary paperwork. 

      During the player registration period, the parent or player should fill out the attached waiver form and send it to the Director of Administration and President.

      The form must be received by the last day of registration or else it will be deemed invalid.

      The LNUSC is able to provide a maximum of ten scholarships per season.

      If more than ten waiver requests are submitted, the LNUSC Board of Directors will select the ten scholarship recipients. The Board’s decision should be considered final.

        Those requesting assistance will be notified of their acceptance or denial two weeks after the end of the registration period.


Even though an application is submitted for a fee waiver, the applicant still needs to register your child in the correct age/gender group before that group fills up, and before the close of registration. Do not pay the registration fee if you are applying for the waiver; instead, please immediately notify the Club Registrar of your application for a fee waiver so that your registration will not be deleted for nonpayment. If the application for a fee waiver is denied, the applicant will be notified, at which point the registration fee will be due in full.


Hardship Relief Circumstances

Please explain as fully as possible the circumstances that make this request necessary. The following are reasons but not limited to hardship scholarships may receive approval:

        Special circumstances of a temporary nature, such as medical or job related, loss of income

        Parent(s) Unemployed

        Medical Reasons

        Single Parent with no child support


In rare circumstances, your latest Federal and State income tax returns may be requested to verify income.


Volunteer Expectations

LNUSC is run 100% by volunteer effort. The requirement for accepting a scholarship is you will be required to VOLUNTEER your time to the club. This may be as a coach, concessions, board committee, or fundraising.  Failure to volunteer may result in forfeiture of this assistance.


Click Here to Download Hardship Releif Application