LNUSC Referee Dress Code

 LNUSC Referee Dress Code:

  • If possible, dress according to the EPSARC or PIAA guidelines.  If you are wearing a Certified EPSARC or PIAA shirt, you should be following their guidelines and respect the certification you received.  Otherwise...
  • LNUSC approved Yellow (preferred), Green, Black or light Blue jersey/shirt, short or long sleeves. If wearing a shirt underneath, black is preferred. Thermal clothing (i.e. Under Armour) comes in many colors and is allowed for referees to wear in colder weather.
  • Shirts MUST be tucked in - look professional!
  • Black Shorts (preferred) or black Athletic Pants (no sweat pants or jeans).
  • Black Socks . If wearing shorts, they should be Knee high (following EPSARC guidelines), however black ankle sicks are acceptable.
  • Black Shoes (preferred) appropriate for the field you are playing on. Non-metal Cleats preferred for Community Park, Core Creek, and Maple Point.
  • Flags are required for U13 and up, preferred for U12 and U10 (not required for smaller fields), and not required for U8 and under on smaller fields.  Flags are nto required for 2-man systems.
  • Jewelry is discouraged.  Our players aren’t allowed to wear it on the field; our Officials should set/follow that example.


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